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Minecraft Rails by Krist-Silvershade Minecraft Rails by Krist-Silvershade
SUPER Edit: As always, made with love in Blender!

Updated Version: krist-silvershade.deviantart.c…

A while back on reddit, someone posted a rendering of a somewhat simple 3D Minecraft rail. I thought "I can make a better rail than that!" Then I found out that the rails looked rather lonely, so I made some curves. HRmm.. still pretty lonely, so I made powered rails. Stiiiilll looking kinda simple there, Krist. So I went hog-wild and rendered a full scene!My goal was to make the rendering look realistic while still keeping the modular-pieces spirit of Minecraft. Hope you enjoy!

Question/Answer session on reddit!…

EDIT: Holy carpe-diem, you guys managed to get this on the "What's Hot" page for today! many thanks!

EDIT EDIT: I've been doing my best  to respond to all of you, but there's just so many comments! My absolute-most thanks to everyone who likes the piece, and I shall do my best to field any specific questions!

EDIT EDIT EDIT: I guess I'm replying to too many of you, becaue the DA spam-filter is blocking all of my current responses! I promise I'm reading every message I get, I'll respond to you in the morning if the filter has let up! Many thanks again.

EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT: Added a watermark cause ohmygosh so many of you are viewing this, I encourage re=posting but would like a way for people to find their way back here!

5Edit: Some people have brought to my attention that the Iron-Ore is upside down and that Powered-Rails cannot curve! Thank you! When I do a second edition of this piece, those issues will be corrected.

You may use this piece as you wish, under the stipulations that:
When you upload it, you post a link to my gallery and mention me as the original artist
You send me a link to your finished piece so I can see what you've done

HD inspired-by texture pack krist-silvershade.deviantart.c…
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MayHeartMolly Featured By Owner 20 hours ago  New member
Too cool. You have a real talent. :D
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Krist-Silvershade Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Spam. I encourage anyone viewing this to avoid this link.
ponylover777 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
so cool
Dyssari Featured By Owner Edited Nov 12, 2014
If Minecraft actually looked like this picture, I'd buy it. Too bad the linked to texture pack looks nothing like this in game.
Krist-Silvershade Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Yeah, it is a shame. If your computer can handle it, the shaders mod by karyonix… combined with my texture pack goes a long way toward making the game look as advanced in the screenshot.  I use either Mr_Meeps shaders or Sonic Ethers depending on the mood.
Miszla Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2014  Student General Artist
How did you make this convexity ?
Krist-Silvershade Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Forgive me for copying and pasting my response to a user on another website, but here are the two methods for creating something like this in Blender.
"No problem. I should warn you, the way I produced models for MC-Rails was an absolute wreck, completely the wrong way of doing it, so I'm going to run you through the right way, then, for curiosity's sake, I'll run you through the wrong way.

The right way:

You need to be vary particular about how you set your cube up. I use a cube, each face subdivided into a 16x16 face arrangement; you probably need to manually subdivide for this, rather than use a subdivision surface modifier(15 cuts). Then I setup a bevel modifier with the following settings tweaked: Width: 0.005 Segments: 2 Uncheck "Clamp Overlap"

Next I UV project each face from a dead-on view (Use your numpad to get things lined up) Edit-mode "U" [Project From View(Bounds), OR try Cube Projection from a front-on Iso view (Sometimes works, sometimes doesn't!)

Add a Displacement Modifier. Load your texture (As a note, you will need to touch-up most default Minecraft chips before using them as a texture. EVERYTHING will need it's resolution increased to somewhere around 256x256 without any interpolation, most things will need to be redone from scratch as a black and white height-map, dark is low, light is high.) I reccomend using Stone as a test item, because it involves no processing after you've increased it's resolution.

Use this map, and use UV Texture coordinates for your displacement modifier, play with your Strength and Midlevel to taste.

Almost done, now, add another Bevel modifier: Check Clamp Overlap (On) Limit Method: Angle

As you can probably tell, this produces an INSANE amount of polygons for what we're trying to accomplish. New and improved method:

This method presumes you know how to remove doubles. Select all verticies in an object, "W" [Remove Doubles] It also presumes you are in GLSL viewing mode (3D modeling window's right-hand pane. Tap "N" to bring it up if it's not there. Under "Shading" switch to GLSL mode, then in the 3d window tap "Alt+A" to get into shaded textures mode.

Start: Create a cube. Delete all but one face. Subdivide face into 16x16 faces (15 cuts). UV project from view bounds. Apply that texture in a material, shadless might help. Select the faces you want at a certain height, extrude them upwards Repeat with the next level of faces until complete.

In Object mode, duplicate and rotate that plane until you have a cube again. Edit mode, remove all doubles, then you're going to have to play around to fill in the gaps around the edges and fix clipping.

Add your bevel modifer, limit angle, and adjust to taste.

This method is a bit more work, but produces a significantly lighter poly-count, as well as makes the mesh more managable for adding in, say, ores to a Stone model. Another trick to conserve polys: For the far-off blocks, just apply a displacement map and let it influence Normal or, in cycles, use it as displacement. I hope this helps."

Wind-Mere Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2014  New member
You should get some one to make that a texture pack
Krist-Silvershade Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Please read the last sentence of the text post.
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